Our Farm

Farm is located in Al Ain suburbs where there are special farming zones that have ideal conditions for farming.

It is built with the highest standards, strong bio-security to ensure product safety and consists of hatchery, broiler houses, slaughter house, processing plant and cold stores.

Our Facilities

  • Hatchery: Our hatching eggs are kept in modern incubators and hatchers that ensures the ideal climate controlled environment.
  • The hatchery is equipped with “Petersime” equipment – world leading poultry hatchery equipment from Belgium.
  • Our birds grow in healthy, comfortable environment in order to deliver the best product for the consumer
  • They are fed with 100% natural poultry feed. No chemicals or antibiotics are used
  • The each house is equipped with top notch technology in feeding, drinking and climate control from “Big Dutchman” (Germany)
  • Our processing plant is equipped with the fully automated machinery from “Linco” (Denmark)
  • Every part of the plant is disinfected thoroughly on daily basis.
  • Final products undergo strict quality measures before leaving the plant.

Alafya Production
Life Cycle

Stage 1: Standardized
Eggs Selection

Stage 2: Eggs hatch under
ideal conditions in
our hatcheries

Stage 3: Hatchlings
are fed only
natural produce.
No antibiotics.

Stage 4: Hatchlings
mature into healthy chickens
naturally, without hormones.

Stage 5: Each chicken
is hand-slaughtered
following Halal customs.

Stage 6: Meat is cleaned and
processed in out fully automated
production line. No human error.

Stage 7: Fresh, premium tender
chicken delivered to
your nearest store in UAE.

  • 100% Fresh Natural
  • 8000 -10,000 Chickens Per Day
  • 2M kg Per Year
  • Our
    Al Ain - UAE