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About Us, Frozen Chicken Suppliers & Wholesalers in Dubai

Our Farm

Farm is located in Al Ain suburbs where there are special farming zones that have ideal conditions for farming.

It is built with the highest standards, strong bio-security to ensure product safety and consists of hatchery, broiler houses, slaughter house, processing plant and cold stores.

Our Facilities

  • Hatchery: Our hatching eggs are kept in modern incubators and hatchers that ensures the ideal climate controlled environment.
  • The hatchery is equipped with “Petersime” equipment – world leading poultry hatchery equipment from Belgium.
  • Our birds grow in healthy, comfortable environment in order to deliver the best product for the consumer
  • They are fed with 100% natural poultry feed. No chemicals or antibiotics are used
  • The each house is equipped with top notch technology in feeding, drinking and climate control from “Big Dutchman” (Germany)
  • Our processing plant is equipped with the fully automated machinery from “Linco” (Denmark)
  • Every part of the plant is disinfected thoroughly on daily basis.
  • Final products undergo strict quality measures before leaving the plant.

Alafya Production
Life Cycle

Stage 1: Standardized
Eggs Selection

Stage 2: Eggs hatch under
ideal conditions in
our hatcheries

Stage 3: Hatchlings
are fed only
natural produce.
No antibiotics.

Stage 4: Hatchlings
mature into healthy chickens
naturally, without hormones.

Stage 5: Each chicken
is hand-slaughtered
following Halal customs.

Stage 6: Meat is cleaned and
processed in out fully automated
production line. No human error.

Stage 7: Fresh, premium tender
chicken delivered to
your nearest store in UAE.

  • 100% Fresh Natural
  • 8000 -10,000 Chickens Per Day
  • 2M kg Per Year
  • Our
    Al Ain - UAE